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Dear Parents:

Darien’s long awaited dream of a lighted stadium field is on the verge of reality, yet the reality is, it will cost $750,000! The lights have been approved, but the funding needs to be raised privately by May 1st 2017. Don’t let another ten years pass without lights. Make it happen now so that your kids can enjoy the benefits and thrills. The Darien Lights Brigade, a non-profit community based group, is leading the charge.

Did you know that we are the only town in Fairfield County without stadium lights? The lights will benefit our Youth and High School sports programs that will carry on Darien’s strong athletic legacy. This is how:

*allows for safer practice time. Youth programs, which are coached primarily by parent volunteers with full time day jobs, require practices to be scheduled later in the day. These practices are often cut short or cancelled due to darkness when safety becomes a real issue. For the high school, it  affects not just practices, but Varsity and JV games as well

*extends usable field time for competitions which minimizes early dismissals from school

*eliminates the scheduling conflict between Academic testing (SATS etc) and sporting events 

*provides a “home field” for our many high school teams who make it to championship games--we currently rely on neighboring towns for their lighted stadiums

“I was coaching at Brien McMahon when they installed lights on the football field and I was able to witness an immediate transition.  The Friday night games brought the community together and had a profound impact on school spirit.  Equally as important it allowed our athletes opportunities to take college visits in the fall, spend time with their families and the games no longer conflicted with all of the standardized testing that takes place on Saturdays.” (Coach Trifone/DHS Football) 

“The benefit of DHS stadium lights to the Youth Sports program is monumental and immeasurable in adding safety and quality to the youth programs. The lights will allow more of our DJFL parent coaches to commute and attend practices. The surrounding Fairfield County communities have enjoyed lighted stadiums for years which has disadvantaged our youth programs as our teams have less practices, shortened practices due to the fading daylight and fewer coaches in attendance given the early start times. I grew up with Friday night high school football and can speak from experience that these evening sporting events successfully increase game attendance and make for a true town bonding event.” (Martin Pryor/President Darien Junior Football League)  

For the Darien Community At Large, a lighted stadium provides the opportunity for “Friday Night Lights—an event that has proven to draw people together and allow opportunities for families with children of all ages to connect and celebrate! It will also strengthen our community image and property values. And will not raise your taxes!

With the financial support of the entire Darien community, this dream can come true. Please make a pledge and help light the future for our youth—every little bit helps. So please join the Darien Lights Brigade! We need you!

This is how you can help…


Darien Lights Brigade Capital Campaign



or visit


All funding raised directly supports the lights campaign!


·      MVP $25,000 and Up (Payable over 5 years)

·      Hall of Fame $10,000-$24,999 (Payable over 2 years)

·      All American $5,000 – $9,999 (Paid in Full)

·      State Champion $2500 – 4,999 (Paid in Full)

·      FCIAC Champion $1,000-2,499 (Paid in Full)

·      Super Fan  $500-$999 (Paid in Full)

·      Fan  $250- $499 (Paid in Full)




Make checks payable to Darien Athletic Foundation (DAF)

and mail to:

17 Old King’s Highway South, suite 140, Darien, CT 06820


Name: ________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________


Donation Amount: _______________


Many thanks!