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This is the Flag Football Home Page for Darien Junior Football League.

Our flag football program involves players only from Darien. The time commitment for flag football is less than tackle football, and participants should expect to practice once a week, but practice time will vary depending on the coach.

See the KEY DATES page (menu on left) for specific dates and times for Flag. 


First grade begins Saturday Sept 16 with Final Registration at Hindley School from 3:30 - 4:00 pm.  Players are grouped together and just play on "pick-up" teams that are rearranged each week. Those sessions run 4-5:30 pm on Sat afternoons at Hindley School and there are no weekday practices. What to bring: sneakers are fine or rubber cleats. Bring a water bottle. Because of the nature of the program, Flag Grade 1 players are not issued jerseys to wear. For DJFL day or other events, the boys should wear a Blue play jersey.

GRADE 2-3:

  • For Grade 2, Final Registration and Team Selection Day is Saturday, September 9 (9:45-10:30 am).
  • For Grade 3, Final Registration and Team Selection Day is Saturday, September 9 (9:00 - 9:45 am).

One practice per week begins the week of 9/11. Coaches will schedule and notify parents directly. Players should wear gym shorts, rubber cleats and bring a water bottle.  The league provides team shirts and flags. Players are assigned to a team following team selection day and will get practice and game schedules.  Everyone is placed on a team and will be contacted by his/her coach.    

In 2nd/3rd grades, the kids are each placed on a team for the season and play a set schedule. Games are played on Saturday mornings with start times ranging from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. with games lasting one hour each. Start times will vary week to week and will not be finalized until about early September. First game for everyone is Sept 23 at Hindley School.


Flag football is a “house” league and games are played on Saturday mornings at Hindley School with only Darien kids.

Building on the success from prior seasons, the flag program will continue to be separated into three divisions--one each for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades.  

Third grade players have the option of playing either 3rd grade flag or 3rd grade tackle football. They cannot participate in both.

Note: Please make every effort to register ONLINE. (CLICK HERE) to be brought to the online registration.
If you register via Paper, the five page Parent Questionnaire should NOT be mailed. It should be completed and handed in on Team Selection Day. If you register via our ONLINE system, no forms need to be handed in on Team Selection Day.

Medical Form is not mandatory for DJFL Flag Football.