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The DJFL (and FCFL) has made concussions a point of emphasis this season.  Accordingly, all head coaches have been required to attend a concussion seminar to gain better knowledge of what to look for if a concussion is suspected.  Should we suspect that a child may have suffered even a mild concussion or is displaying possible symptoms of a concussion, we will immediately remove him from any type of contact activity and will contact you; we will err on the side of caution.
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has an excellent concussion review on its Web site, which will give you all sorts of information on concussions and the possible symptoms you should look for when your child returns home from practices and games.  Here is that link:
Should you suspect a concussion, please notify one of your child's coaches.  Obviously, we cannot, and will not, render medical advice, but we do want to know in the event you suspect something.

ImPACT Testing – Safety first

Dear Parents:

As you may know there has been a great deal of press about sports related concussions and how to diagnose, evaluate and manage concussions when there is an incident.  Of the estimated 500,000 reported concussions by children between the ages of 10 to 19, about 20% of those occur while playing sports.  Most concussions are usually mild and resolve without complications.  However, for those more serious cases, if not handled and treated properly, there could be long term cognitive harm to the child. 

The DJFL Board, like many sport organizations, takes this very seriously and understands the need to identify and manage this type of injury as effectively as possible.  Over the past several years the DJFL Board has been proactive in making available concussion training for its entire head and assistant coaching staff so that they know how to recognize a potential concussion on the field when it happens and take the necessary action.  Now we would like your help to take this initiative to the next level.

ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) was designed by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and has been validated and found reliable in multiple studies to identify individual cognitive issues after a head injury.  ImPACT is a computer based, on line, neuro-cognitive test that evaluates the child’s visual and verbal memory, reaction and processing time and symptom score.  It is approved for children 10 years old and up and must be repeated every 2 years. The test is best utilized when a “baseline” is established prior to any injury to the head so that comparisons can be made pre- and post in the event of a concussion.  More information is available about ImPACT testing on the web at: http://www.impacttest.com/impactbackground.php

ImPACT is widely used today by many professional sports organizations including the NFL, NHL, MLB and MLS along with many High Schools in lower Fairfield County including Wilton, Greenwich, Weston and Trumbull. DHS will begin implementing the program this year. 
With this as a backdrop, the DJFL Board are strongly recommending that you have your child “baseline” tested by a certified ImPACT Consultant some time before the beginning of the 2010 fall sports season. There are two ImPACT certified consultants we are recommending you contact to make an appointment:
Ellen Fahey, DNP, FNPc, Clinical Director
The Concussion Center of Fairfield County
85 Old Kings Highway North
Darien, CT  06820
Tel:  203-656-2666
website: concussioncenterct.com
Michael A. Lee, MD
Pediatric Healthcare Associates
2600 Post Road, Southport, CT 06890
Phone: (203) 452-8322
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jim Coley (203-559-7899) or Dick Albu (203-613-7212).
The DJFL Board of Directors